Dragon Wings Stables

Welcome to Dragon Wings Stables! Our S/D list has been available since 2004, however this is the first time that it has been available online. I try to keep pictures and show placings up to date on each model, but around Breyerfest things get pretty busy, so please keep that in mind. Currently I attend a few live shows a year including Breyerfest, and I also photo show with IMEHA. Any placings will be noted on the horse’s information. If you are interested in using any of our horses please make sure to follow the rules below and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Dragon Wings Stables is a proud member of IPABRA :D

To request breedings, please contact me at dragonwingsstables@yahoo.com

Please remember that this is a Model Horse website. These are not real horses, and any information on these pages is for amusement purposes.

I am currently only offering email pedigrees, I will not be offering paper certificate pedigrees until later in the year.

Please do not use any of DWS’s horses or photos without our permission.

Please do not use DWS in any of your foal’s names. Using part of the Sire/Dam’s name is always appreciated but not required. While I would love to have updates of a foal’s show records, if any, it is not required. A picture of the foal for my own records would be great :D

When you send your request I will need the following information:

Your Name

Your Ranch/Stable Name

Foal’s Name




Year Foaled – Please make sure to include alternate years in case the desired year has already been taken.

Foal’s Make/Model

Requested Sire

Requested Dam

If one of the parents is not owned by DWS I will need the same information as above on the other parent along with a 3 generation pedigree.

Potential foals need to be at least 3 years younger than the requested Sire & 4 years younger than the requested Dam.

I do accept BSO requests.

Please no sibling to sibling breedings, mother to son breedings, or father to daughter breedings.

I accept both aging & non aging foals.

DWS accepts breeding/pedigree requests for all Artist resins, and any OF/CM Breyer, Stone, Copperfox, Mini Whinnies, Hartland, Beswick, Hagen-Renaker, Creata, Schleich, & Terra horses. Please contact me if you have another type of model horse not on the list, I am willing to make exceptions.

Please follow color genetics. There are various color genetics resources online, but one of the easiest ways is to make sure that at least one parent is the same color as your foal.

Several breeds have naming requirements. Please make sure to follow these requirements when requesting a breeding.

Please do not send more than 5 requests at a time.

Have a S/D list of your own? We do have a Parents Needed page, drop by and see if you have something we are looking for!

This is a website for model horses. The horses on this site are not real. The information contained on these pages is for hobby purposes only. The names of any real horses used in pedigrees are for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and are denoted with an "R" symbol after their names. If you have any questions please contact me at ivathevengeful@yahoo.com